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Wheel Alignment Rants

I think in the last 6 years generally I have had less changes to the kind of wheel alignment that I run then I do changes to my rims or exhaust or other settings of the car in a typical … Continue reading

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MX5 NC ‘mx5 1g suspension set’

Earlier week, on a friend’s car, we took out the original suspension, as the car was driving alittle strangely,  it had 70,000km on the clock and I was quite sure that the old suspension, especially the bushes and bumpstops were … Continue reading

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SPOON rigid collars

One of the highlights earlier this year was my meeting with Mr SPOON, Ichishima-San at his office in Tokyo, it was an interesting discussion. It always surprises me how neat and tidy these Japanese offices and factory workshops are. Since … Continue reading

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