Radical Chassis Solutions -RCS suspension now availble from Competition Tyres

Another trip to RCS,

over the past well now, 2 years, Ive been making little trips down to RCS in KL.

Alittle background, RCS was formed by these ex-lotus engineers who built and designed suspsension and chassis for Lotus. In their spare time, they also tinkered and designed their own suspension systems which they used successful in Rally competitions across Malaysia when they returned from overseas.

Trip to RCS

Turns out that piston design of their system worked very well also on the circuit and through the Merdeka Millenium 12 hour Endurance Race, they proved their suspension design on the Type R’s that took part.

Initially I was abit skeptical, having used various Japanese suspensions over the years on my own Type R and then on my own MX5 and then I loved the MX5 1g setup from Mazda, however these I found to be lacking in finesse perhaps, the car drove great on windy smooth roads, but it was a little jumpy, nervous when the car drove over abit of broken road, with the tail stepping out occasionally, especially when I hit a bump or a rut in the road.

Enter the RCS suspension
– over the past 2 years together with the help of close mx5 buddies, we worked very closely with RCS developing the Mx5 suspension, going thru different valving settings finding that balance of comfort, control and confidence, together with their race experience and my own input, we put together a suspension set for the Mazda Mx-5

Trip to RCS
one of the cars that helped test out settings and fitments.

Trip to RCS
Suspension being revalved and assembled.

Trip to RCS
Alittle tinkering before the big night!

time attack dec 2012, Mx5Dec time attack 2012, Sepang Circuit, in the night and in the wet! Thanks RCS!

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