Just blowing off steam, on a trackday

Work at the workshop has been abit frantic especially in the weeks leading up to Chinese new year.

Taking a break with just a few friends, we headed to the Johor circuit, also known as the PG circuit, just to let off some steam. Especially with the current state of affairs with LTA officers every where, I think we all felt almost ‘under siege’ and really needed to let our cars loose, on the one place I know there isnt officers dressed in white, waiting to strike terror into our hearts.

The PG circuit I often describe as being similar to a roller coaster ride, with its crests and dips and perpetually pulling high g’s.
This circuit often catches out newbies, not realising how many laps they have done, and once the fatigue starts to set in, a momentarily lapse of concentration can lead to disaster or heart break.

On the other hand, the mx5 feels just perfect on the PG circuit, riding through the car’s torque band up and down, in and out through the corners of the circuit.

Having too much fun, these two were the only two photos I managed to take of our time there.

PG 27th Feb 2013, miata club

PG 27th Feb 2013, miata club

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