Mazda 313 Drive – Great Singapore Sale 2012

Helping our buddies from Mazda Singapore,  a bunch of us from the the miata club volunteered our cars and ourselves to do a drive around Orchard Road to signal off the start of the Great Singapore Sale 2012.

Yup there were many surprised shoppers seeing our mx5’s in Orchard 313 livery
mazda 313

orchard road may2012
not to mention, many surprised motorists, seeing our cars add to the evening traffic!

313’s theme this year for its GSS campaign is “Great states of Happy”, what I’m told is that “313 is the happiest place to be during this GSS sale with exciting performances and great deals to jump for joy”.


oh well, ok from my perspective, it was all good fun, getting all stickered up and parading down Orchard road, suddenly getting all the attention was abit of a surprise for me.

The weather was pretty good too. And since everyone drove top down (except me =) ), we were worried about the birds taking a poop into one of our cars, especially what happened to my car just over lunch 2 hours earlier. (in another post)

One complete loop around Orchard Road in our cars and we were back in 313.

I even managed to catch the flash mob in action too!

Looked like theres a few vacant holes in their formation. Someone took an MC today? =)
flash mob 313 may2012

A few minutes later and the mob dispersed as quickly as they appeared!  Way too cool.
flash mob 313 may2012 b

thanks guys! it was a great friday afternoon.. now for me to plan my route of attack for the great singapore sale!

Here’s some photos of what happened behind the scenes for our drive around Orchard Road,

All our cars gathered at Mazda on Alexandria Road for the sticker guys to stick up our cars.
Kudos to them, that circle motif isnt the easiest of sticker shapes to apply.
great states of happy may2012

1030pm and the sticker guys managed to complete half the cars, when someone realised that those round circles looked remarkably abit like the ‘SUBARU Challenge’ crossed with a game of ‘twister’, so up we went, all hands in the circles!
mazda challenge

Finished at last!
all stickered up may2012

Horror of horrors, the next day, I met ET and EA for lunch at Meepok at Marine Crescent Blk 59, alamak when I returned, the car was COVERED in bird poo.. COVERED…

and guess what.. the birds seemed to be aiming for all the circles! ……

a bulls eye for the birds.. Birds 1: Me 0
bulls eye may12

oh yes! I almost forgot! Thanks Concept Shine for polishing the car twice in 2 days! *Thumbs Up for you!*

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