A gearbox at last!

Nov 19 2011

OK so EricT called and they said they checked the clutch and they said it was okay..
but when they drained the gearbox fluid…
there was lot of broken bits coming out. YIKES!

gearbox 1

Many calls to local scrapyards were to no avail, as there just werent any spare gearboxes around.
I decided against rebuilding the gearbox as I figured with all the bits bouncing around, all the gears were screwed. Its just not cost effective to replace all 5 and reverse gears.

gearbox 3

A call to some friends in the USA, working with Mazda Motorsports, they found me a freshly built, motorsport spec 5speed gearbox! hurray!

Foolishly, I put the gearbox onto a ship that sailed from Florida, down through the Panama Canal, then to Singapore.. a 45 day journey! I should have just paid for Fedex airfreight….

gearbox 2

Just in time for the February TCC trackday shake down!
Sepang here I come!

sepang 1

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