Bus ride home

Nov 17 2011 (continued from previous post)

the next day, whilst waiting for EricT to get back to me what was wrong with the car, we checked out our usual favourite restaurants in KL. but yes as you can probably guess, the mood’s all gone and we decided to book some bus tickets back to Singapore, the day after.

I’ve always passed all these big coaches along the north-south highway on the way home. and yes a few did nearly scare the living daylights out of me when they changed lanes.

I’ve always wondered what it was like onboard a coach. looking down on these cars zooming past. Guess today I found out.
We booked our tickets with Transtar Travel as their pickup point was along Jalan Imbi, just a 3 min taxi ride from our hotel, and they also had a “first class” coach, i guess given my mood, I definitely needed some cheering up.

Checking in was a pleasant surprise and kudos to Transtar, they tried their best to emulate the experience of boarding a flight, from the check in counter to the waiting lounge which was just a little room in the back, but somehow the whole experience actually mirrored that of catching a flight back home, albeit maybe a budget flight? =p

On board the ‘flight’ back home.. wah the seats. its actually more comfortable then my car! ok granted most cars are more comfortable then my car too.


look at that legroom!

3 movies later and we were crossing the border! a 5 star experience

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