on the 11th hour on the 11th day on the 11th month

I took a moment out at 11am this morning to just remember all those who gave their lives in wars past so that we can have the freedom we enjoy today. Thank you.

After that I started the engine and drove off towards KL for this weekend’s Saturday Night Fever race. I’m abit anxious as last weekend’s TCC trackday, with the setup adjustments I’m still struggling to get enough pace. All the mods and I’m still driving around slower then previously. Argh.

Saturday Night Fever’s organised by the Malaysian Ignition.my, it’s a clubman level race, that has just gotten AAM approval. Currently for this year, the only requirements are a firesuit, helmet and gloves, Next year, the requirement goes up one step with participants needing a half roll cage and possibly a fire extinguisher and an electrical cut-off switch.

Oh yeah and its a night! I’m also wondering if I should have installed foglights in the car too. drat, too late now.

oh well lets see how I fare.

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