4 years old!

this september, my trusty MX5 turns 4 years old! While its been a good 4 years, I’ve decided that with current coe prices at an all time high, its worth while to give the trusty mx5 a ‘refreshening’ and an upgrade.

so first up, refreshing the worn old speakers in the car

I installed a set of Clearwater speakers, these speakers are specifically for the NC Mx5 with a set for the Bose and non Bose equipped cars. They come with a comprehensive set of instructions and actually make for a fun DIY project, though I do recommend preparing more spare door clips as mine were all brittle and broke when I removed the door panel.

Sound quality? well I was never much of an audiophile but WOW! The audio quality difference is incredibly obvious.

Next up, upgrading the car,  I installed the Beatrush harness bar too, all ready for the 4point  harness. Because the harness bar mounts rigidly across the roll brace behind the seats, I think the car feels alittle stiffer too!

Refreshening and upgrades, more to come

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1 Response to 4 years old!

  1. Steph says:

    Happy 4th Birthday!!

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