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Wheel Alignment Rants

I think in the last 6 years generally I have had less changes to the kind of wheel alignment that I run then I do changes to my rims or exhaust or other settings of the car in a typical … Continue reading

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Here’s a little video I created for TCC participants, so that they have an idea of what lies in store for them in the upcoming TCC gymkhana. This was filmed during the miataclub’s annual gymkhana on the 10th of September. … Continue reading

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4 years old, part 2!

OK, so today was an incredibly busy day for the Mx5, just 2 days before its birthday, I managed to get insurance renewed, the weekend licence plate inspected, this including sneaking past several LTA bikes at the inspection centre who … Continue reading

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MX5 NC ‘mx5 1g suspension set’

Earlier week, on a friend’s car, we took out the original suspension, as the car was driving alittle strangely,  it had 70,000km on the clock and I was quite sure that the old suspension, especially the bushes and bumpstops were … Continue reading

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4 years old!

this september, my trusty MX5 turns 4 years old! While its been a good 4 years, I’ve decided that with current coe prices at an all time high, its worth while to give the trusty mx5 a ‘refreshening’ and an … Continue reading

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