Yaris Cup Race, Super GT weekend

Its Super GT weekend! 

D and myself went up to Sepang again this weekend, yup its our 3rd trip this month already! We went to assist our customers who participated in the Yaris Cup race, which was a support race to the Japan Super GT Race and also to meet some of our Japanese suppliers too!

Going through some data that we got from the Yaris cup cars, I was seriously impressed how quick these little cars were. I mean these cars use the same engines  and gearboxes which we find in our regular vioses at home and they were clocking 2:51-52ish around the full track of Sepang!

The race data analysis that we did with the driver allowed him to cut a few more seconds off his lap times.

And its not the tyres too! They were running on the standard Toyo T1R in 195/50-15 size. Nothing spectacular about those.

Of course full credit belongs to the drivers, who were driving on Sepang for the first time. Apparently they spent most of the night before, watching youtube videos of the Sepang circuit!

ok the secret lay in the final drives & LSDs, these yaris had upgraded final drive gears almost similar to the kind you would find in the B series hondas running Sepang 1000 or super series races.

Doing a quick gear ratio calculation, what was interesting to note, is that these final drives  would still make for a comfortable high speed drive up to Sepang in a road going vios/yaris.

Anyone up for the challenge?

Anyway, for anyone interested in building their own yaris cup cars, they can contact SpeedD Performance http://www.speed-d.com.sg

They have everything to build your own yaris cup car, and having owned a DC2r track car before, I cant believe how affordable these yaris are!

Yaris Cup Cars

Lining up for their weighing/ scrutineering

Vios Cup cars, doing their qualifying laps, all nicely spaced out

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