What’s under the bonnet?

Just this week, I saw an ad one of my trackday buddies posted up, He was selling his Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC31S).

Its always interesting that only when your mates are selling their cars then do u know fully know the extent of modifications on their cars. Shocking that the list can be quite long, though there isn’t anything that really  stands out of the ordinary, most of it, is stuff that I can imagine most trackday enthusiasts would get regardless of car make.

  1. Ohlins DFV coilovers
  2. XX front fender brace
  3. XX engine damper
  4. Acre FORMULA TITAN brake pads front and rear
  5. XX steel braided lines
  6. HKS Oil Cooler
  7. Defi Gauges (Oil Pressure/Temp, Water Temp)
  8. Suzuki Sport Carbon Fibre Air Box/Intake
  9. XX Final Drive
  10. Exedy Lightened Fly Wheel
  11. Suzuki Sport 1.5 way LSD
  12. Suzuki Sport short shift stick
  13. Suzuki Sport lowered clutch pedal arm
  14. E Manage Ultimate
  15. Fujitsubo Exhaust
  16. Cusco Front Rear Strut bars

Also what’s probably omitted from the list, that most track day enthusiasts would have in their cars are bucket seats, some form of safety harness, aftermarket rims and tyres, trackday timing data logging devices like the Racelogic Performancebox etc

All this long talk leads me to the same point Ive been advocating for years, that between most Japanese sports cars, track preparation and modifications almost cost the same. Well at least here in Singapore.

Of course not all of it is necessary to begin tracking your car, and most enthusiasts would usually do the bare minimum first and then slowly build up these parts over a year or 2 at least.

Between a EVO / STI and a Suzuki Swift Sport, which almost costs half the price, the cost of a legalised exchaust, dual purpose trackday/street brake pads, speed cut remover,  brake lines, cost of general servicing, doing a wheel alignment, oil cooler and bucket seat. and to some extent aftermarket suspension, aftermarket rims n tyres are almost the same and of course not to mention track fees etc will be the same between cars.

just a thoughtt..

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1 Response to What’s under the bonnet?

  1. Justin says:

    Cool! Keep the entries flowing!

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