Blue Wide Mirrors

I rarely ever treat myself with new toys for my car.

Most of the aftermarket parts that I buy are typically always something specifically track or handling related and almost always wear and tear related. Infact probably most of my money spent is on servicing and track fees, boring stuff.

new engine oils before each trackday, gearbox and rear differentials oils every other trackday, and brake fluid every couple of trackdays (though now its much less now that I have switched over to Castrol SRF Brake fluid, see a future post/rant about that!) some tyres and brake pads occasionally.


something that I first noticed when I got my mx5 new 3 years old was that I kept catching rear view headlights in my rear view mirrors and my side view (wing mirrors). Especially lorries, buses and taxis and especially big SUV’s! all this adds to eye fatigue and often u can see me just rubbing my forehead/temple or eyes to relieve the strain.

So from today no more glaring headlights in my mirrors!



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2 Responses to Blue Wide Mirrors

  1. Patrick Tan says:

    Hi, thanks for this info.
    Where can I buy this mirror? I am driving a NC.

  2. Long time viewer / 1st time poster. Really enjoy reading the blog, keep up the excellent work. Will most definitely start posting more oftenin the near future.

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